Translated by Marina Peunova

I'll be in toronto you'll be in some fucking abode

I'll be in tbilisi you'll be sucking on post-gender titties where y’all are now outsourced

I'll be at the cabaret voltaire in zurich and you'll get a call from portbou from walter benjamin

and when I arrive to locarno we'll watch all the cinephile neat stuff on fast forward and I'll tell you bzzz-bzzz-bzzz what have we been doing for eight years it's been eight years of our highbrow blah blah blah while sucking state ideological apparatus’ balls

in the best cities of the world all the mornings of the world peace to everyone in the world to each city, a pair of earrings and an iron dome


no, I am not the fucking cause of your sorrow it was the west flying in and dying out after half an hour

no, I am not your fucking sorrow

cut it out!



chubais pavlovsky pavlovsky chubais

behind young guys’ backs uncool to hide ice, ice baby



I am on the cushions in peredelkino you are on snow donuts in samodelkino

they are calling the tunes we are playing and amusing ourselves

and if somewhere there is a fucking detonation there will not be a single Chekhov’s string breaking

just, you know, Fiers the footman stayed in the dear old closet the skeleton stayed in the closet

it's our closet all of russia is our closet