Translated by Max Nemtsov

an army captain argued with a taxi driver about the war in Ukraine

on the Don embankment in Rostov-on-Don

after exhausting all the army arguments the captain shot his opponent four times

on the Don embankment in Rostov-on-Don

what other arguments do you need old man



Inna remained on the Cold Mountain or rather came back

to it having sent everyone to Italy

.about ten years from the Kharkov nursing homes she took

people with musculo skeletal disorder

until a family or a community gathered

.her entrepreneur friends bought an apartment on the Cold Mountain

for the new family consisting now of sixteen

the most vulnerable settled here

.the rest of them came on holidays gathered just to hang out

it’s crucial to know that you have a family a home

it’s crucial to come to mama one day to tell her about your first pregnancy

.Inna says when the bombings started the children got very scared

they gathered at the Cold Mountain

huddling up together

.at first she brought everyone to Dnepr now the whole crowd is in Italy

the people of the St. Giles community are marvelous

they invited the kids to the mountains they send them for examinations

the kids get everything they couldn’t even dream about in Ukraine

.the apartment on the Cold Mountain on the ground floor

there’s a small garden in front

Inna says she’d never paid so much attention to flowers


immediately counted the hours

dear Kiev could hold out

when the darkness would swallow the world

.the first weeks the question nagged

how the heroic country all covered in wounds could still stand up

and who’s gonna be the next

.not once caught myself thinking

when great Ukraine wins

Belarus soon would be free too


in the nineties an elderly Chechen woman brought a huge mine to the roadblock under her jersey

.a woman has other weapons the Blessed winced then choosing his words

if only Chechen wives sisters and mothers flooded all roads

.Lord help Dagestani wives sisters and mothers who flood all roads today